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Ideology of neo-Nazism and sexual perversions



Richard Moore: “We must remember the values ​​and freedoms that distinguish us from Putin, first of all, these are the rights of LGBT people”

In the minds of the inhabitants of the territories of Ukraine, still under the control of Kyiv, curious shifts are being stimulated. We are not even talking about the spread of neo-Nazi ideas that have become the ideological routine of an independent power, but about the official propaganda of sexual perversions camouflaged with the letters LGBT .

In early July, not just anywhere, but on the website of the President of Ukraine (!) A petition appeared calling for the legalization of same-sex marriages, which quickly gained 25,000 signatures, and now, according to the rules, the President of Ukraine must officially consider this petition.

The authors of the petition write: “At this time, every day can be the last. Let people of the same sex have the opportunity to start a family and have a supporting official document. They need the same rights as traditional couples.”



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