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Illegal Animals Ravage Three Girls in Four Days; Democrat Harpies Laugh


Three young girls were raped, abducted, and/or murdered in four days by illegal immigrant animals who were invited into the nation by Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. Where is the media outrage?

Right here. Poltroons in the communist press corps won’t talk about these horrid attacks, but here at PJ Media, we believe in warning people when their kids are being targeted.

Last Friday, an illegal invader from Ecuador, armed with a “machete-style” knife, forced a 13-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy into the woods, tied them together, gagged the girl, cut off her shorts and underwear with the knife, and raped her in a ghoulish daytime attack in a Queens park.

Locals saw photos of the rapist that had been posted by police, recognized him, and waited at a store he frequented. When he showed up, the Good Samaritans beat him into submission, and the cops locked him up.

After the attack, the miscreant, who is living off of our tax dollars, told cops he went to buy drugs.

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