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Illinois Bill to Repeal Law Requiring Parental Notice of Abortion Heads to Governor

By GQ Pan

A bill that would allow minors in Illinois to get an abortion without their parents’ or guardians’ knowledge now heads to the desk of Gov. J.B. Pritzker after clearing the state legislature.

The bill, known as the “Youth Health and Safety Act,” seeks to repeal Illinois’s long-standing Parental Notification of Abortion Act, which requires all abortion clinics in the state to notify an adult family member, including parent, grandparent, step-parent living in the same household, or a legal guardian, if a woman age 17 or younger wants to have an abortion. The notification is required for both medical and surgical abortions, and must be made within 48 hours before the procedure.

Under the existing law, the woman’s parent or guardian doesn’t have the right to approve or veto the decision to get an abortion, but it’s legally required that the parent must be notified either in person or by phone. The law also applies to women living in another state but seeking to have an abortion in Illinois.


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