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Illinois School Segregates Students by Skin Color, Blames Racism For ‘Achievement Gap’

Under the guise of closing the “achievement gap” between students of European ancestry and those of African and Latino heritage, victims of a government school in Illinois are being put into classes segregated by race. Yes, really. Apparently, “education” officials believe eliminating all white students from class will help non-whites perform better, or so they say.

The explosive scandal, first exposed by the Wall Street Journal over the weekend under the headline “To Shrink Learning Gap, This District Offers Classes Separated by Race,” involves the Evanston Township Highschool in Evanston, Illinois. Lawyers for the district north of Chicago claim that because the white-free classes are optional, laws forbidding segregation and racial discrimination do not apply.

According to the Journal, almost 200 black and latino students have already signed up for the so-called “affinity” classes this year, with no whites allowed. White teachers are also barred from teaching the classes, with school district leaders claiming the non-white students feel “more comfortable” without having to be in the presence of students lacking sufficient melanin.

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