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“In a couple of years we will fully expand production”: the US military industry has doubled the production of shells

By Top War


Washington’s active equipping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with combat systems and consumable materiel has led to a significant drop in the level of reserves in the United States itself. At the same time, American production volumes lag behind ammunition consumption on the Ukrainian front. However, the situation in this direction is beginning to gradually improve.

The production of artillery shells at US industrial facilities has doubled over the past year, and currently amounts to 28 thousand 155-mm shells per month. The need to increase their production arose in connection with the support of Ukraine and Israel in the recently begun conflict, as well as due to the need to replenish stocks in the United States – says the website of the United States Army, indicating that in total it transferred over 2 million shells to Kyiv.

Currently, steel from Ohio is supplied to two plants in Pennsylvania. The two facilities process steel rods into artillery shells, which are then transported to an Iowa ammunition plant where they are filled with explosives and sealed. The shell filling is primarily produced at two plants in Virginia and Tennessee…


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