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In-N-Out Continues Leading the Way in Polite Resistance to COVID Hysteria

by  Jerry Wilson

In-N-Out, the California-based fast-food chain noted for low prices, quality food, efficient & friendly service, and Scripture verses on its packaging, is rapidly adding another signifier to its persona. Namely, non-compliance with government overreach.

Maintaining a tradition noted earlier here on RedState by myself and Brandon Morse, In-N-Out, which owns Los Angeles and assorted suburbs in not dissimilar fashion to how Disneyland owns Anaheim, is defying via declining to enforce county mandates that it must ask all dining patrons to provide proof of COVID vaccination before being served.

This, as a local news reporter breathlessly reported, could result in fines of up to $5,000. Or, as In-N-Out refers to it, an average seven minutes at the drive-thru window during slow times of the day.

It’s not like this should come as a shock to anyone familiar with either In-N-Out or California politics on any level. Be it on the state, county, city, or any other level, no one outdoes California politicos when it comes to killing the goose that lays the golden state’s eggs used to fund guaranteed failure social engineering projects…

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