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In Second Blow To Hydroxychloroquine, FDA Warns Against Combining With Remdesivir

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Update (1810ET): Hours after the FDA revoked its EUA on hydroxychloroquine, the agency dealt another blow to the COVID-19 treatment – warning not to combine the incredibly inexpensive anti-malarial with the incredibly expensive remdesivir; Gilead Sciences’ yet-to-be-priced experimental treatment.

The agency, based on data from a recent non-clinical study, said the co-administration may result in reduced antiviral activity of remdesivir. It also added it had no such evidence from a clinical setting and that it continues to evaluate all data related to remdesivir.

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FDA said it was no longer reasonable to believe that oral formulations of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine may be effective in treating the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. –Reuters

Meanwhile, has anyone found the missing zinc?

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The decision – a response to a request by a Health and Human Services official to revoke the EUA – cites “new information, including clinical trial data results,” which have led the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) “to conclude that this drug may not be effective to treat COVID-19 [Coronavirus Disease 2019] and that the drug’s potential benefits for such use do not outweigh its known and potential risks.”

“Earlier observations of decreased viral shedding with HCQ or CQ treatment have not been consistently replicated and recent data from a randomized controlled trial assessing probability of negative conversion showed no difference between HCQ and standard of care alone,” wrote FDA chief scientists Denise Hinton.

Of significant note, none of the studies cited include the use of zinc – which has been widely cited as the ‘key’ which HCQ provides a tunnel into cells to halt virus replication.

In fact, the FDA’s letter doesn’t include the word ‘zinc’ or its symbol, Zn.

The FDA issued the EUA in March, allowing COVID-19 patients to be treated with anti-malarial drugs from a federal stockpile.

Given all of the conflicting information on HCQ from government officials – as well as a retracted Lancet study which found HCQ did more harm than good, people aren’t buying this; below are a sample of comments from MarketWatch‘s report on the EUA revocation.

If you haven’t realized that all these agencies that are suppose to protect us from unsafe and unethical practices of big corporation have been captured by those very corporations, then you are not paying attention. The Pharmaceutical/Vaccine Industry can’t make a fortune selling the world their poorly tested Covid-19 Vaccine if an existing medicine costing pennies is being used to successfully treat the virus. -Andrew Vela

Or this one:

This is purely a political move. Looks like the FDA has been infiltrated by the globalist cabal who want Trump gone, too. I’m no Trump fan, but I’m even lesser of a fan of bureaucrats who put politics ahead of lives. -Orange Sanders

And others are noting the retracted Lancet study:

Hydroxychloroquine has been further complicated by an inaccurate study that found the drugs harmed patients. That research was later retracted by The Lancet, a prestigious medical journal. The President said something good about the drug, but by itself it does not work against covid. the msm is against anything positive the President talks about and headline readers vote biden. -Rob Cap

So, the FDA has now revoked the use of a drug which is still undergoing clinical trials, and which has shown anecdotal efficacy when combined with zinc.

We’re sure Dr. Fauci approves.


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