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Increasingly, Trust in Election Outcomes Appears Dangerously Partisan

by Stacey Lennox

As the election train wreck in Maricopa County, Arizona, continues to unfold, Americans are losing confidence in the integrity of our elections. According to a new poll from Convention of States Action, in partnership with The Trafalgar Group, 56.8% of voters don’t fully trust that America’s elections are fair and accurate.

  • 17% say they somewhat trust the integrity of our elections
  • 17.9% say they somewhat distrust the integrity of our elections
  • 21.9% say they strongly distrust the integrity of our elections

Following a consistent trend for the past 12 months, a majority of independents join self-identified Republicans in expressing at least some doubt about our election outcomes. Nearly 90% of Republican voters feel this way, and 57.5% of independents agree…

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