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Independent investigator: Arrest of Oath Keepers founder ‘doesn’t add up’

By WND Staff


Charges against Stewart Rhodes in Jan. 6 riot ‘very curious’

Why would the Justice Department arrest Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes now in its investigation of Jan. 6, giving him a full year to destroy evidence?

That’s a question posed by investigative reporter Darren Beattie, who has presented considerable evidence that a former president of Oath Keeper’s Arizona chapter tied to Rhodes, Ray Epps, played a crucial role in inciting the breach of the Capitol.

Critics of reporting by Beattie and others who share his belief that the violence on Jan. 6 was orchestrated by FBI informants, argue the arrest of Rhodes and 10 colleagues shows the Oath Keepers chief was not a government asset.


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One Comment

  1. Nunya Nunya January 15, 2022

    So his cover remains intact with the others they also arrested.

    Rhodes is an oath breaker.

    Ask Sam Andrews, friend of John Moore. Sam knows what he is talking about.

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