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Independent PA News Site Picks Up Freedom Center Exposé of Comcast Chief



Turning up the heat under the “King of Hate Media.”

Freedom Center journalist Daniel Greenfield recently wrote a devastating profile of Comcast owner Brian L. Roberts, “The King of Hate Media,” for FrontPage Mag, declaring the cable giant chief responsible for, among other things, transforming NBC into “a 24/7 hate network built on lies.” Comcast is based in Philadelphia, and in a sign that points to a potentially vital trend in local journalism, Greenfield’s article was picked up and re-run by Broad + Liberty, a Philadelphia news outlet with game-changing ambitions.

In his exposé, Greenfield reported that Roberts’ acquisition of NBC was made possible only by enlisting the aid of longtime race hustler Al Sharpton, who “delivered the political support to ensure that Roberts didn’t encounter antitrust issues in his controversial takeover bid… In return Roberts gave Sharpton his own MSNBC show, ‘PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton,’ while also making Sharpton’s existing employers at black-owned Radio One – and himself – extremely rich.”

NBC now, Greenfield states, “streams the worst lies and hate by the worst bigots as a payback for the series of dirty deals that made Roberts so rich and powerful.” Among them are Sharpton and fellow anti-white racists Joy ReidElie Mystal, and Tiffany Cross, in addition to “foreign enemy propagandists” such as former Al Jazeera host Ayman Mohyeldin.




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