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Insane: US taxpayers are now picking up the salary tab for Ukraine’s corrupt government

by JD Heyes

(Natural News) Even if you believe that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February was wrong and that President Vladimir Putin is an aggressor who threatens global peace, the fact of the matter is, the government in Kyiv was corrupt long before Putin attacked.

In fact, to prove that point, Ukraine was home to several shady ‘business deals’ involving President Joe Biden’s corrupt son, Hunter Biden; he served as a ‘board member’ at the energy conglomerate Burisma for years and made millions of dollars, even as the company should have been investigated.

But since the invasion, the U.S. and the Western globalist cabal has chosen a side — that of Ukraine — and as such pumped tens of billions of dollars worth of military equipment, arms and money into the corrupt den of Kyiv, as though we learned absolutely nothing from doing the same thing in Afghanistan, which was a money pit…

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