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Iowahawk Nominates Kim Iverson for the ‘Metaphors Gone Wrong Hall of Fame’ For Israel/Nazi Comparison

By Aaron Walker 


There are hot takes on the war in Gaza, and then there is whatever the hell this entire thread is:

Sadly, she goes on and gets the Community Note treatment:

Previously, she gave us a hot take where basically she wishes suffering on innocent people who are related to people who disagree with her on abortion. But this take is so morally blinkered, we don’t know where to begin.

First, does she think people actually say, ‘sure, the Nazis murdered random jews, but at least when they did so, they did it with surgical precision?’ Does her peer group spend their days contemplating the positive side of Nazi Germany?

Second, unlike Hamass, the German soldiers in World War II generally didn’t intentionally surround themselves with civilians as human shields. We’re sure there were exceptions, but generally this wasn’t what the Nazis did while with Hamass, honoring the rules of warfare is the exception and not the rule. We’re not saying that the Nazis were good—there is a good reason why ‘Nazi’ is basically shorthand for ‘evil’ in our culture—we’re just saying as evil as the Nazis were, in many ways Hamass is worse, a fact masked by the reality that Hamass is less successful in carrying out its genocidal desires…


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