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IPolitiki The Underlying Agenda Dossier Proof that Cyril Ramaphosa is trying to reinstate the apartheid government via the ANC

[Tony Georgiadis; a Greek shipping magnate that #Ramaphosaleaks have identified as one of  his CR17 campaign funders is the same man who appears in this dossier as the funder of the apartheid regime. This explains why Terms of Reference to his prevailing Commissions of Inquiry do not go back before Former President Jacob Zuma’s term of office. He is protecting his apartheid handlers to finish off what Thabo Mbeki left hanging after the Polokwane ANC conference…-Ed]…

Wayjik’uDludlu: Not too long ago he promised people lots of jobs but a few days back he announces that there will be job loses. Three days after this statement the banks say they will retrench thousands of workers and the SABC will also be retrenching since it will no longer broadcast sports matches

For two decades accusations against the FW de Klerk Government have been flying about. Many people have been whispering about huge sums of money being paid over by Swiss bank accounts to NP politicians and government operators, in order to hand over the South African Government to the ANC. For 18 years nothing could be proven, till now:


Gen. Erle Cocke ran Nugan Hand Bank’s Washington office. In April 2000, Cocke gave a deposition running into 67 pages concerning his knowledge and involvement in Project Hammer.  “READ MORE…”

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