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  1. Lorrie B Lorrie B April 17, 2020

    Hello John,
    I don’t know exactly how I found your site but I doubt it’s a coincidence.
    President Trump’s tweet “cofeve” of May 31, 2017 floated back into mind a week ago. I researched and found “cofev” = cobalt/iron/vanadium. This was after watching one of the daily Covid19 briefings pushing ordering ventilators and then learning they inhibit oxygen to the lungs thereby kill patients who need air in their lungs to survive.
    I’ve also been researching and reading the correlation of Covid19 overlaid with 5G. This virus will ultimately simulate identically the virus symptoms which and allow Covid19 cover for 5G virus sickness. I live in a wealthy community near Ohio State University with many cell towers and newly installed metal boxes at the end of streets and corners of nearby shopping centers.
    I also understand Wuhan, China was the test site for 5G, Italy and Iran also have 5G.
    I’m wondering if President Trump will protect Americans from 5G virus with Cofev = Cobalt / Iron / Vanadium.
    Is there a mask made of these elements?
    Looking forward to your response,

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