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Is Miserable Michelle The Reason Barack Obama Isn’t Wearing Wedding Ring He Used To Wear While President?

By Patty McMurray


100 Percent Fed Up reports – Barack Obama, the man who loves to receive glowing coverage by his friends in the mainstream media, has been keeping an unusually low profile. The man who many believe is really behind the radical decisions made by Joe Biden and his incompetent regime hasn’t been seen in public with his wife Michelle for more than five months. But yesterday, the former first couple(?) was captured by photographers as they exited the uber-exclusive restaurant, “The Bathers’ Pavilion,” that’s located on the coastline of the Sydney Harbor in Sydney, Australia.

Michelle, ever the charmer, wore her happy face…

…while Barack smiled and waved at the cameras.

All the while, Barack was keeping his left hand (his ring finger) in his pants pocket while he walked to their vehicle.

Barack has always been able to do a better job of hiding his disdain for others better than Michelle, who only seems to be able to turn on the “Nice Michelle” act when she’s promoting a book or podcast…


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