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‘Is That True?’: Washington Post Reporter Questions TikTok’s Link to CCP


By Joseph Simonson


Taylor Lorenz tells audience, ‘I actually don’t know where TikTok is based’

Washington Post technology columnist Taylor Lorenz, the self-described “most online reporter that you can find” said Thursday in a discussion hosted by the libertarian magazine Reason that she doesn’t know where TikTok is headquartered or that a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member holds an executive position with the tech company’s parent, ByteDance.

“I actually don’t know where TikTok is based,” she said. “Umm. The CEO was in Singapore. Umm. So he’s there and then it’s [sic] the U.S. it’s sort of run regionally around the world.”

The former New York Times reporter also questioned whether it was “true” that a CCP official serves in a senior position at ByteDance. “Is that true? Is that true? Is that true?” Lorenz said. (Zhang Fuping, who serves as ByteDance’s editor in chief, is a Chinese Community Party secretary.)





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