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Israeli Army Trolls Terrorists on Twitter and Lures Them into Deadly Trap – Then Buries Hamas in Tunnels

By  Steven Ahle

It was the greatest ground attack that never happened. The Israelis pulled off one of the greatest misdirection of all time and they have the biased media to thank for it. Hamas printed that Israel had crossed the border into the Gaza strip. American liberal papers ran with it hoping to smear Israel without bothering to check it out first. So Hamas sent their terrorists into the tunnels for safety’s sake.

But Israel did not institute as ground offensive and instead sent in 160 planes carrying 450 bombs containing 80 tons of explosives. They bombed the underground city and various tunnels Hamas had dug, destroying a huge portion of them. Neither Israel nor Hamas know the extent of the damage but it is believed a large number of Hamas terrorists had the ground cave in on them.

Hamas has now shot over 2,000 missiles at Israel with three hundred of them falling onto Gaza, killing their own people. But by time it reaches the papers it will be Israel that killed them. And besides they have already taken the stance that Israel is responsible for the violence. I’m sure the United nations will offer up a statement condemning Israeli violence.

Israel is the only country in the world that is not allowed to defend itself against terrorists. In the United States LA, New York, Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle are the exceptions. In those cities defending yourself against domestic terrorism can get you locked up. In St Louis, a couple were threatened by BLM that broke into their gated community. They never fired a shot but both the husband and wife are facing charges,

From The Gateway Pundit

If the reports are true, it may be one of the greatest feats of military deception since the Six Day’s War, when extensive counterintelligence and misdirection led to Israel’s conquering Sinai, East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in under a week.

The “ground invasion” was never launched – not yet, at least. Just for that, the IDF blew up the al-Jalaa tower used by AP and Al-Jazeera today (after fair warning).



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