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Israel’s ‘All-Out War’ With Hezbollah: What US Thinks About Scenario

By Oleg Burunov


Hezbollah earlier launched more than 200 rockets into northern Israel, in retaliation against the killing of the Lebanese militant group’s highest-ranking commander Taleb Sami Abdullah by the Jewish state.
The US is “scrambling” to prevent a full-blown conflict between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, according to Axios, citing unnamed American officials.

The Biden administration is extremely concerned about a scenario in which the current bilateral tensions escalate into an “all-out war.”

The White House is also alarmed by the possibility that Israel could start or be drawn into a war with Hezbollah “without a clear strategy or consideration of the full implications of a wider conflict.” In recent weeks, Washington has reportedly cautioned Tel Aviv against the notion of a “limited war” in Lebanon, warning that Iran could intervene.
The Biden team is trying to address the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah while working to secure a hostage-ceasefire deal in Gaza, which the US sees as the only measure to de-escalate tensions on the Israeli-Lebanese border…


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