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Israel’s Barbarianism

How can Israel get away with it?

The Secret Of The Indomitable Strength Of Israel’s Barbarianism Upon Palestinians And the World’s Impotency

by Mr. Nobody Zahir Ebrahim

How Can Israel Get Away With It?

If the world public really wants to understand the secret of the indomitable strength of Israeli barbarism upon unarmed Palestinian civilian men women and children with such impunity before the impotent world, fully aided and abetted by Western governments, with full propaganda covered by the Western news media, they have to understand the power of the name Rothschild and its ability to hide in plain sight because it owns all governments and all news media…


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One Comment

  1. Swordslinger Swordslinger November 13, 2023

    What about Islam’s Barbarianism?
    Remember who the real enemy is!

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