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Israel’s “Christian” Viper Pastors Dump Trump

Israel's "Christian" Viper Pastors Dump Trump
Israel’s “Christian” Viper Pastors Dump Trump

By Mike King


At least in terms of his public persona, Donald Trump was (is) certainly one of the most pro-Christian / pro-religious liberty presidents in 20th-21st Century history. And what he has done for Christians isn’t just rhetorical. Trump (and his Supreme Court appointees) expanded the protections for prayer in public schools and opened up educational funding for Christian-based schools. His strategically necessary professions of love for, and superficial concessions to, the shitty little state in the Middle East also pleased the deluded hordes of “Christian Zionists.” Reared on the rigged “Scofield Bible” — which was “annotated” by a Jewish-funded con-artist for the purpose of duping Christians into worshiping Israel and “the chosen people” — these many millions of voters would dump a returned Jesus Christ himself if he were to utter an unkind word toward the chosenites. Not exaggerating here!

Then of course — THE BIG ONE that no one thought would ever happen — specifically, the overturning of Roe vs Wade and all the subsequent state restrictions on abortion which quickly followed. For both his words and his actions in these respects, Trump’s support among the scores of millions of Americans who can be classified as “Evangelicals” grew to be as overwhelming as it is unshakable.

Senior Pastor Robert Jeffress described Trump as: “the most pro-life, pro-religious liberty, pro-Israel President in the history of our great country.” 

But that’s in the past. Today, in the wake of the staged “Trump-DeSantis Split,” Jeffress and a handful of other putrid pastors have been smoked out as suddenly anti-Trump. How can this be??? What on God’s green earth would cause these Evangelical leaders to risk the alienation of their large followings by betraying the president who they had so enthusiastically supported — and who did so much for them in return? This doesn’t make any sense — that is, until you understand who these “End Times” Scofield scoundrels actually work for and why the ultra-Zionist bosses of Israel have also turned on Trump.



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