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It Isn’t Woke, It’s The UN’s Sustainable Development!

By Karen Schumacher 


According to the Free Dictionary the term “Don’t color outside the lines” means “To think or act in a way that does not conform to set rules. Likened to the way a child might color outside the lines of a coloring book.” Lines provide structure and boundaries that creates a picture everyone can recognize.

Many of our Founding Fathers had a deep religious faith that guided their boundaries in life just as Christianity provides boundaries, the Ten Commandments are pretty simple and clear.  However, as most understand, it is not always easy to refrain from straying outside of those boundaries, and for those who do, life can get pretty messy.  Everyone can relate to that.

Christianity also has a foundation of a personal and individual relationship with God, judged only by Him. Individualism exemplified that we are responsible for our own behavior, sovereign and separate from everyone else, a concept which might have been used as one basis for our government.  Each federal branch is separate with clear boundaries on their duties and roles, just as each state, county, and city are sovereign from each other and separate.




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