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Italian Judge Borsellino Assassination: 30 Years of Mafia Injustice through Misdirections inside the Masonic State

By Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy


After the magistrates investigated for the misdirection also acquitted the three policemen ended up on trial

“One of the most serious misdirections in Italian judicial history” wrote the judges in the first instance sentence of the Borsellino quarter trial, after seven innocent people had previously been sentenced to life imprisonment.

But despite this, Italian justice, often oriented by a mafia culture that allows the ‘Ndrangheta to control politics as well as national entrepreneurship, also and above all in the rich North, has not been able to issue a single sentence against the alleged misdirectors of the state.

“A state that fails to shed light on this crime has no chance of a future. After thirty years of misdirection and betrayal we will not resign ourselves and we will continue to fight for the truth about the killing of our father”.

Fiammetta Borsellino, the youngest daughter of the judge killed in the via D’Amelio massacre, had said this at the beginning of July during the presentation of the book written by the journalist Piero Melati “Paolo Borsellino. For the love of truth” which collects the testimonies of the same Fiammetta, of his brother Manfredi and his sister Lucia.



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