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Italian Magazine Publishes Piece Exposing Beijing’s Forced Organ Harvesting, Hits Back After Criticism From Chinese Embassy

by Kelly Song

Panorama, an Italian weekly news magazine, published an article exposing China’s barbaric practice of forced organ harvesting, that is, procuring transplant organs from living, unconsenting, prisoners of conscience, and killing them in the process.

The August 24 article titled “China: When the State Wants Your Organs” triggered a typical wolf-warrior-like response from the Chinese Embassy in Italy. However, Panorama did not back down. Instead, they published a second article reiterating the solidity of their sources and the groundlessness of the Chinese embassy’s accusations.

Refuting Chinese Embassy’s Accusations

In a statement published on its website, the Chinese embassy in Italy accused the article author of plagiarism and attacked those who presented credible evidence of forced organ harvesting as “anti-China” and “human rights abusers.” The embassy even said the United States “fabricated the forced organ harvesting to defame China.”…

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