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Ivermectin OK For Afghan Refugees, Hospitals Filled With ‘Vaccinated’ Americans

by Stew Peters Show

The media, the CDC, and the FDA continue to push the shots being called “vaccines”, despite their alarming publicly-discoverable kill rate, and at the same time they’re telling us that early treatments like Ivermectin are dangerous and anyone using a drug like that is a conspiracy theorist that gets their medical advice from YouTube, Alex Jones or OAN, but hold on – Americans online noticed something very interesting recently on the CDC’s own website. It turns out that the government is giving the Afghanistan “refugees” Ivermectin while they try to keep it out of the hands of the American public. They are ripping it off the shelves, doing everything they can to turn you away from it. They don’t want you to have it because you know it works. Joe Rogan and Kirstie Alley were actually vilified after announcing that they were in good health after coming down with COVID and treating the flu with Ivermectin. Ivermectin could have saved their lives, and that should be something to celebrate, one would think. Rolling Stone and Time tell us Ivermectin is a drug used for horses but does the Nobel Prize get awarded to medicines that save the Kentucky Derby? I think no, but I’ll let you decide.

So what message is the system trying to send here? Some might say the powers that be want to make sure that their imported new voters stay healthy, for when they phase the rest of us out with their Great Reset agenda. But it’s also a glaring example of how wicked and evil the globalists are. It’s quite simple if you think about it. They want you dead, they want money, they want total and unilateral authority over non-liberty-minded people. People who know nothing besides being under complete control. Anyone else is to be genocided or beaten into submission.

The bottom line is that if ivermectin was meant for animals instead of humans, like Rolling Stone, Time, the CDC, and the FDA claim, they’d be knowingly poisoning the refugees that they give it to. So either way, you have it, the government is behaving like a eugenicist cult. In reality, the obvious conclusion that can be drawn here would be that ivermectin is actually effective, has always been effective, and that there is another motive, a much more sinister one, behind the elite’s lockstep push to prevent us from getting it.

A common practice of the satanic globalist menace is to openly do something and then call you crazy for seeing it. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. The New World Order doesn’t exist, we are just trying to establish a New World Order! That’s exactly what’s going on here. The sick thing about it all is that they do it on purpose. They seem to get off to it. They want you to know that they know that it works. They want to rub it in your face while they exterminate you. Once you understand this, every move they make just becomes so much more predictable.

And the masses are awakening as brave healthcare workers are coming forward, one by one, telling the world the truth, and the real story is being widely disseminated, destroying the evil agenda one viewer at a time (Video)

Dr. Ryan Cole is a Mayo Clinic trained board-certified pathologist, he’s the current medical director for America’s Frontline Doctors and he joined Stew today.

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  1. Swordslinger Swordslinger October 2, 2021

    Proof they are protecting the health of the Muslim jihadists and wrecking the health of Americans!

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