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Jeffrey Epstein’s life of evil and societies demand for justice

LEWISVILLE, TX: The business world woke up Saturday morning August 10, 2019, to the news that Jeffrey Epstein was dead. Epstein, facing charges of sex-trafficking, mysterious money manipulating and pedophilia was found dead of an apparent suicide by hanging in a federal prison cell. Epstein was facing an investigation into his role in child sex trafficking in his home in Manhatten, on his plane, the Lolita Express and on his island, Little Jeffs.

Past Indictment in Florida

An FBI investigation in 2008 returned a 53-page indictment against Epstein for abusing underage girls. Instead of taking the case to federal court, however, Epstein’s lawyers negotiated a plea deal with the then United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida R. Alexander Acosta.

From Clinton to Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book full of liberal elites (Updated)

The agreement required Epstein to plead guilty to state child prostitution charges leading to a 13-month, slap-on-the-wrist jail sentence.  Furthermore, the deal offered immunity to Epstein and “any potential co-conspirators” from federal charges in the Southern District of Florida. Acosta was later forced to leave his position as Secretary of Labor for his involvement in the lenient plea deal.

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