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JerUSAlem-USA: See the 20 Jerusalems in USA

By Times of Israel

This week’s recognition by the United States of the 3,000-year reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, prompted my posting here a description of my blogart project about the twenty Jerusalems in the United States. See for photos and texts by local residents of places named “Jerusalem” in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont. My description of the project here is an excerpt from my book The Future of Art in Postdigital Age: From Hellenistic to Hebraic Consciousness (Intellect Books/University of Chicago Press) available from See the book’s blog at

The name of these American Jerusalems was inspired by the Bible where we read about King David establishing Jerusalem as the capital of the unified state of the Israelite nation more than three millenia ago. Today, Jerusalem is the lively capital of the modern state of Israel.

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