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Jill Biden got what she wished for and found out karma is a b—-

By Patricia McCarthy

Anyone who watched the unlikely Biden campaign unfold as it did knows that Jill Biden, not-a-medical doctor, is largely responsible for the disaster that is her husband’s presidency.  She, more than anyone else, knew that Joe was suffering from advancing dementia, yet she signed on to the far left’s plan to exile Trump no matter what the cost.

Whatever made her and the cabal that rigged the election six ways to Sunday think they could pull it off proves they are all power mad idiots.  They apparently thought they could put old Joe out there as a front and implement their treasured Marxist green policies, force the middle and working classes to submit, and preserve their elite status and survive.

That is probably not going to happen.  The masses have awakened.  They are not deceived by Biden’s “Putin price hike,” or the claim that we must endure inflation in order to transition to renewable energy.  Planes are not going to be flying anytime soon on green energy.  Biden, the duplicitous and hypocritical John Kerry, and the rest of the Global Reset crowd that uses climate change as a canard in their wholly disingenuous attempt to subdue the world’s population into obeisance will fail…

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  1. Ventriloquist Kriket Ventriloquist Kriket July 20, 2022

    Quoting a comment:

    Donn Reeves
    1 day ago
    Obviously, Dr. Jill does not love her husband. If she did she would never have allowed him to make an utter fool of himself on the world stage. Her narcissism is beyond the pale. It is more important for her to be first lady than the health and welfare of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. She is as pathetic a human being as another woman who would do virtually anything to occupy the oval office…Hillary.

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