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Joe Biden Wastes Time on Climate Change, ‘Health Security’ in 2-Hour Call with Xi Jinping

by Charlie Spiering

President Joe Biden visited with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on Thursday, speaking on a call for more than two hours.

The White House released a readout of the call after it was completed, saying Biden spoke with Xi about how to “responsibly manage our differences and work together where our interests align.”

There was no mention of tariffs on China’s imports or the coronavirus pandemic in the readout, but it included references to climate change and “health security.”

“The two presidents discussed a range of issues important to the bilateral relationship and other regional and global issues, and tasked their teams to continue following up on today’s conversation, in particular, to address climate change and health security,” the White House revealed.

Biden and Xi have spoken five times since Biden became president and last spoke in March…

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  1. Sean Sean July 29, 2022

    I don’t trust that man (joe biden) to talk to gold fish.

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