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JOE BIDEN: Which Is The Real One?

By Noah


Earlier today I brought you this report:

One Of These People Is NOT Joe Biden


It’s not even up for debate anymore, this is not the same person.

Nor is it the same person we saw earlier in the week, or last week, or the person we will see tomorrow….you get the idea.

It appears very clear at this point that there are several different “versions” of Joe Biden.

And no, it’s not just camera angles and lighting.

There are objectively, demonstrably multiple different versions of Joe Biden floating around.

No, I’m not saying clones or that he was executed in GITMO in 2018….

I’m not going there.

But I don’t have to.

I don’t have to have the entire thing figured out or know exactly what is going on (actors in CIA masks seems the most plausible), all I have to do is use my eyes and my brain and it’s painfully obvious these are all not the same person.

But earlier today I just showed you those two pictures.

Now people have sent me many more.

Check out these six…


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