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John Brennan Engages In Sedition On Twitter – Gets Called Out For His Own Treason

Since John Brennan is a suspected Muslim convert, I think it might be fair to call this #Impeachmentjihad.

The Deep State is desperate but some, like John Brennan, might be a little more desperate than others.

John Brennan knows that if they fail to stop Trump, his own justice might be waiting in the wings.

John has to do something to cover his own a$$ets and took to Twitter on early Saturday Morning to beg for help.

Seriously John?

You are not only transparent to me, but you are also transparent to a whole lot of people on Twitter.

In case you didn’t hear, they changed the Whistleblower rules to make this an easier task, BEFORE any of this stupid Trump-Ukraine BS.



  1. Skye Shepard Skye Shepard September 30, 2019

    Time for Brennan to HANG!!!!!!! #HighTreason

  2. Methos Methos October 1, 2019

    Yes, he should hang and not only Brennan. Every person engaged in this sedition should hang. Just like Thomas Hickey in 1776.

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