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John Solomon Tick Tocks John Durham for Another Six to Eight Weeks

John Durham

By Sundance

Independent journalist and suspiciously inaccurate Spygate predictor John Solomon appears on Fox Morning News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss his ongoing Spygate storyline.  After predicting for three years that indictments were coming, Solomon now says indictments over the next six to eight weeks are most likely; AS LONG AS the DOJ gives Durham permission.


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Plaited for me is the crown of truth, and it caused Your branches to blossom in me.

For it is not like a parched crown that blossoms not;

For You live upon my head, and have blossomed upon me.

Your fruits are full and complete; they are full of Your salvation….

I am putting on the love of the Lord.

And His members are with Him, and I am dependent on them; and He loves me.

For I should not have known how to love the Lord, if He had not continuously loved me.

Who is able to distinguish love, except him who is loved?

I love the Beloved and I myself love Him, and where His rest is, there also am I.

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This is the Spirit of the Lord, which is not false, which teaches the sons of men to know His ways.

Be wise and understanding and awakened.

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