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Jonathan Chait Whitewashes Left-Wing Antisemitism To Protect Democrats



The left keeps coddling its worst offenders.

“Antisemitism exists on the left and the right,” New York columnist Jonathan Chait informs his readers in a piece headlined “Republicans Have an Antisemitism Problem. The Democratic Party Doesn’t.” But, he goes on, “There is one American party that is currently healthy enough to call out and exclude antisemitism within its ranks.”

Sure, you might see leftists participating in the most virulent antisemitic protests in American history. You might read elected Democrats spreading blood libels and accusing Jews of dual loyalty. You might watch the leading liberal cable news network repeating Hamas propaganda, but all of that merely proves that Republicans have a serious problem on their hands.

Now, it should be noted that Chait doesn’t “call out and exclude” antisemitism within his ranks. He’s been whitewashing it for years…


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