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Judge orders FBI to search for ALL documents related to bogus ‘Russia dossier’ composer Christopher Steele

(NationalSentinel) A federal judge has ordered the FBI to search for and produce all documents related to the bureau’s one-time asset, former British spy Christopher Steele, who produced the long-discredited “Russia dossier” fired FBI Director James Comey and others used to obtain surveillance warrants against the 2016 Trump campaign.

U.S. District Court Judge Christopher Cooper, in issuing his ruling, said that the public’s interest outweighed Steele’s privacy rights and ordered the FBI to complete the search within 60 days.

Steele, who was dismissed by the bureau for unauthorized contact with the media, produced the infamous dossier that was central to the “Spygate” scandal. Comey and others in the bureau used it to obtain a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to spy on 2016 Trump campaign figure Carter Page.

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  1. Methos Methos August 21, 2019

    I think it would be wise to find some FBI staff in the ranks who are still committed to doing an honest job and have them doing the work to expose the dirty information of the deep state and dirty leadership in the FBI.

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