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Jury Awards $10.5 Million In Case of Two Teens Killed In Horrific Electric Car Battery Fire As Leftist Green Agenda Faces More Problems

By Patty McMurray

A guest post by Gen Z Conservative of Blue State Conservative 


Turns out, it’s not just that EV batteries are pretty horrible to deal with if you’re going on a road trip, are just about useless for driving a truck pulling a trailer (the electric truck didn’t even make it 100 miles in a towing contest!), and might be putting vulnerable people in danger thanks to how long one has to spend charging an EV at potentially dangerous gas stations.

While all those are problems, there’s another problem with electric vehicles that many people don’t consider when deciding between a combustion engine vehicle and an EV: if the battery catches on fire, as it very well might following a crash, that lithium fire burns hotter than the ninth circle of hell and is quite difficult to put out.

Such a battery fire tragically killed two teens in 2018; though they survived the car crash (to be fair, Teslas do have superb safety ratings), the teens were killed when the battery caught fire, burning to death in the wrecked vehicle.



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