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JUST IN: Oprah Winfrey Hospitalized



Oprah Winfrey has been hospitalized for what is reportedly the stomach flu.

According to her ‘best friend’ (*cough* lover) Gayle King, it is a “very serious thing.”

On Tuesday, Oprah was supposed to appear on CBS Mornings, but apparently send Gayle King in her place after falling ill to a stomach virus.

Ms. King revealed some pretty graphic details about Oprah’s condition on the talk show, which I won’t repeat here, but you can read it for yourself down below. (Warning: it’s pretty gross.)

Take a look at the breaking news:

The Los Angeles Times reported:

Oprah Winfrey has been hospitalized, according to her best friend and journalist Gayle King, who overshared the graphic details about what’s ailing the media mogul.

King made the revelation Tuesday on “CBS Mornings” while explaining Winfrey’s absence from the news program, saying the former daytime TV queen needed medical attention due to a bad stomach virus…


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