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JUST IN: Rep. Mad Maxine Waters Calls GOP House Members “Domestic Terrorists” After She Is Caught Calling For Violence Against Republicans [VIDEO]



Maxine Waters recently gave an interview where she was asked to comment on police reform, but Water’s, who clearly lacks solutions, apparently could not resist the urge to denigrate the GOP House members rather than discuss ideas. She went on to label the Republican-led House the “Marjorie Taylor Greene Republican caucus” and said,

“We have these right-wing conservatives who are, you know—we have domestic terrorists in the House of Representatives. These people are extremists. So I am not optimistic that that is the way that it is going to happen until the people of this country really decide that they do not want it, and they are not going to elect people who act in the fashion that they act.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene responded to Water’s statement by posting a compilation video of the numerous times Waters has called for violence, even threatening President Trump, saying, “I will go and take Trump out tonight. MTG asked what Waters is hoping to gain by her calls for violence, “What does she want? She has a history of inciting violence.”
MTG tweeted, “Maxine Waters called me a domestic terrorist on committees. Mad Maxine is the real domestic terrorist.”






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