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Just the facts! Americans don’t care what reporters think

News consumers know what they want from reporters — just the facts, not opinions.

In findings aimed directly at the Facebook, Twitter, and other social media chatterings of journalists, the latest Gallup/Knight Foundation survey found that Americans appreciate the added value of putting out more info.

But when it comes to reporters coughing up their spin on the day’s news, the advice is to zip it.

The survey looked at the use of social media by reporters and found that it can help the industry regain some trust.

Americans, for example, approve of reporters using social media to seek input for stories and they especially like it when new facts are shared and used to correct false statements by politicians.


  • Three-quarters “endorse reporters relying on social media to get audience input on what stories to cover and to dispute interpretations of facts reported by other news outlets.”
  • Over 90% like it when reporters share additional information on their reporting.
  • 92% approve of the news media “correcting false or misleading statements made by politicians.”


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  1. Jack Jack September 7, 2019

    And the result of this will be . . . . Nothing. The media has an agenda that won’t change unless several outlets go broke, and since about half the country is left-leaning that ain’t going to happen.

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