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‘Knewz’: News Corp Launching New App to Protect Publishers From Google, Facebook Censorship

In an attempt to halt the global dominance of Google and Facebook, News Corp is developing a news distribution service that will give the publishing empire leverage over the monopolist tech giants.

The news aggregation site and app called Knewz, will aggregate hundreds of news sources and link directly to the publishers’ sites, reports the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by New Corp.

The platform will pull articles from hundreds of news sources, highlighting work by smaller outlets including the conservative leaning Daily Wire and Washington Examiner and liberal news sites like Daily Kos and ThinkProgress.

Prominent publications like The New York Times will also be featured on the site, providing an alternative to Google News and Facebook who surface content for readers. The aggregation site won’t take a percentage of any advertising publishers generate.

Exclusive, original content will be elevated on the platform over aggregated stories, News Corps told Business Insider, allowing publishers to no longer have to rely on the whims of two tech giants that often don’t have their best interests in mind.


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  1. Chad Chad August 26, 2019

    Hopefully they will give a voice to independent news sources as well.

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