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LA Times Shockingly Claims That if Men Could Get Pregnant, Abortion Would Be Free

by Bob Hoge

The Los Angeles Times posted such a highly ludicrous article Thursday that it’s almost hard to take seriously. But it’s serious as a heart attack because it represents the thinking of a scary number of irrational people behind the war on men.

It’s sad, really. I remember moving to California back in the 90s, loving the sun and the vibe and driving around the beautiful mountains. Every morning I would dutifully shuffle out to grab my LA Times, and I would read every page and laugh at every editorial cartoon.

Those days are long gone. Now Gavin Newsom’s California doesn’t want me to drive, doesn’t want me to water my lawn, doesn’t want me to use electricity. And the LA Times certainly doesn’t want me to read it, because a decade or so ago, it became absolute drivel, writing more about the porn industry and the anguish of non-citizens than Americans themselves. They ceased to care about normal Angelenos; only the “marginalized” were featured. While we all care about our fellow man, we also care about our families and our beautiful state and our futures. The Los Angeles Times doesn’t…

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