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Lara Logan Reports: Biden’s DOJ Knew Non-Violent J6’er Matthew Perna, Who Walked Into the Capitol Through an Open Door, Was Suicidal—But Instead of Backing Off, They Did the Unconscionable… (VIDEO)

By Patty McMurray


Independent reporter Lara Logan has dropped a bombshell report about yet another hidden truth behind a casualty of a heartless and punitive government agency that has become frighteningly powerful under the Biden regime.

In her report, featured on “Truth in Media,” Logan reveals how the DOJ knew that 37-year-old Matthew Perna, a non-violent January 6 suspect, was suicidal, yet instead of backing off over concern for his well-being, the callous and highly politicized government agency pushed even harder, leading what his family and friends believe was “the final blow,” which led to the death of an honest young man who loved God, his family and his country.

Before peacefully walking into the Capitol on January 6, Matthew Perna had his whole life ahead of him…


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