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Law enforcement & artificial intelligence – it’s complicated, says NCSU study

By Matt Shipman

A recent study that examined the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and law enforcement underscores both the need for law enforcement agencies to be involved in the development of public policies regarding AI – such as regulations governing autonomous vehicles – and the need for law enforcement officers to better understand the limitations and ethical challenges of AI technologies.

“Law enforcement agencies have a crucial role to play in implementing public policies related to AI technologies,” says Veljko Dubljević, corresponding author of the study and an associate professor of science, technology and society at North Carolina State University.

“For example, officers will need to know how to proceed if they pull over a vehicle being driven autonomously for a traffic violation. For that matter, they will need to know how to pull over a vehicle being driven autonomously. Because of their role in maintaining public order, it’s important for law enforcement to have a seat at the table in crafting these policies.”

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