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Left Smears Ron DeSantis For Pointing Out The Truth About George Soros


After the indictment of Donald Trump finally fell, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis attacked the transparently partisan and “un-American” nature of a D.A. going after a presidential candidate with rickety 7-year-old campaign finance charges, noting that Alvin Bragg is a “Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney.”

That last bit is indisputably true. DeSantis didn’t contend that Bragg was “bought” or “under the thumb” of Soros — even though either would be completely within the norms of modern political rhetoric. He simply asserted that Bragg was “Soros-backed.”

“They’re attacking Jewish international bankers,” Joe Scarborough explained to his guests this morning, including best buddy Al Sharpton, a man who led a pogrom against Jews in New York. “It’s what antisemites have been doing for hundreds of years. … That’s what they do. They try to blame everything on Jewish international bankers. It’s Germany 1933.”

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