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Leftism dialed to Eleven: Knife fights are okay now, as long as they can condemn police officers as racists

By  D Parker

As the left goes further off the rails, Tucker Carlson sends up their latest absurdity, that knife fights and weapons of war are okay now.

The national socialist media first tried to hide that this was an assault with a weapon of war in progress. Now with that false narrative failing, they’ve come up with a new bizarre claim: That knife fights are perfectly acceptable.

While the video is an entertaining look at a very serious issue, it does highlight one critical point. The authoritarians of the nation’s socialist left are really losing the plot. This is what happens when a political movement becomes unmoored from fundamental principles and basic rationality.

Authoritarian socialists are obsessed with power

Anti-liberty leftists have convinced themselves that they are on the side of ‘good’ and that anything done to achieve that ‘common good’ (Gemeinnutz in the original German) is perfectly acceptable.

The problem is that many of their beliefs are contradictory, such as ‘defunding the police’ or the absurd assertion that it’s okay when teenagers try to stab each other. Replace one type of weapon with another and you will quickly see a severe contradiction.

While the anti-liberty left cannot deal with weapons in the hands of others, they are perfectly happy with them in their hands or those of their well-armed security details. Such is not the case for the great unwashed or the lowly police office trying to keep everyone safe.




  1. Swordslinger Swordslinger April 24, 2021

    When are we gonna tell BLM to sit down and STFU?

  2. Vaughn Banks Vaughn Banks April 24, 2021

    Those morons are in effect trying to say that knife fights are just another part of black culture.

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