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Letter to a Good Jew


In all societies there are good and bad elements.
It is not an Israeli prerogative.
It happens like this in all societies.
Not only that but unfortunately it is often the bad elements that take over.
In all societies, not just the Israeli one.
In facts, in this regard it is enough to remember the case of Julian Assange, unjustly detained for a long time in a country that once hosted dissidents.
It is a sign and a symbol of how wrong Western society is today.
Even (and I would like to say especially) in the democratic ones, but perhaps I exaggerate.
Because it is clear that even if the act of hostility that was perpetrated by the so-called Hamas terrorists of October 7, 2023, had occurred in the manner described by the official Israeli narrative (which no one ever dares discuss in the West!), it exists a huge disproportion between an act carried out in the heat of the moment in a few hours and a massacre of innocents that have been lasting for a month with ten times the number of civil casualties…


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