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Liberal professor loses it over Elon Musk’s Twitter polls: For the next poll he can ‘shove it up his a–‘

By Alexander Hall 


Scott Galloway suggested that Musk ‘would rather kill a live puppy on Twitter Spaces’ than be out of the news cycle for 48 hours.

Author and NYU professor Scott Galloway lost it on Tuesday over new Elon Musk using Twitter polls to help make decisions for the company.

Galloway’s outburst occurred on his podcast “Pivot,” which he co-hosts with Vox’s Kara Swisher. Swisher suggested that after Musk had complained about Twitter being filled with bots, he then resorted to a “bot-filled Twitter poll” and faced accusations of having made Twitter a “space for fascists.”

“I actually kinda like Trump being on the platform because I want to have a front row seat to seeing his demise,” Galloway joked.



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