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Lies, Damned Lies, and Gun Statistics

By Larry Correia

Gun control disarms regular people, which makes them easier targets for regular criminals to victimize, and it does pretty much zilch against dedicated mass killers.

What can we say to the “I’d be more comfortable if you gun people were forced to have more mandatory training” crowd? This is a subject that has caused some division among gun rights advocates over the years, but I’m firmly against any sort of legally mandated training for private citizens before they can exercise their rights.

To clarify, I’m a huge fan of training. I think gun school is great. I’ve taken many classes over the years, and I still try to take at least one or two classes annually to continue my education and not become stagnant. I think if you’re going to own a gun or carry a gun, it behooves you to seek out quality instructors and keep learning.

But mandatory training, required by the state, before you are allowed to defend yourself? Absolutely not. This Do-Something! mentality is usually accompanied by a tortured analogy equating gun ownership to getting a driver’s license. Except mandatory training is a placebo at best.

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