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LIVE Jan. 6, 8 PM ET | ‘The Final Verdict’ Documentary | Ep. 1: The Oregon Trial – Live National Premiere

Zoe Warren, Host of 2A For Today, edited and assistant directed the documentary, “The Oregon Trial” in association with the Center for Self Governance and they will be premiering it at 8 PM ET on Jan. 6, 2023.

It will feature a short introduction with the writer and directors of the series, a viewing of episode 1, and then a Q&A with several of the defendants from both the Oregon and Nevada trials to discuss their experiences and criminal justice reform in America.

The event will have two tiers of participation. The first tier will have access to a Zoom meeting where participants will be able to ask questions and present their insights during the Q&A. The second tier will be able to watch the event streamed to the end video player but unable to participate in Q&A.

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