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LIVE RESULTS: The Trump-Biden Inevitability Tour Moves on to the Michigan Primary



Another week, another primary, this time in Michigan.

I have to level with you: it’s getting harder to write the previews for these primaries, and you can probably understand why. There are no surprises and no excitement, but we all know that the voters of Michigan want to make their voices heard.

There’s only so much one can write about contests where we already know who the winner will be. The inevitability of the Trump-Biden rematch gets clearer every day, so here we are.

However, there has been some wild news happening in the Great Lake State GOP. The state party apparatus has serious fissures, with two individuals claiming to be party chair: former congressman Pete Hoekstra and Kristina Karamo.

Add to this another strange method of selecting delegates. Tuesday’s primaries won’t actually award delegates, although the party will award 16 delegates based on the results. Congressional district conventions will award the other 39 delegates. We should know who gets how many delegates after Saturday’s state party convention.

One of the saddest bits of news going into the GOP primary is that we don’t have Ryan Binkley to kick around anymore. That’s right: the guy you’ve never heard of is dropping out of a race that he didn’t have a snowball’s chance of winning.

Binkley is dropping out after spending some $8 million and only getting around 2,100 votes. Yet his name will still appear on Michigan’s ballot along with all the other candidates who have dropped out (except for Doug “Eyebrows” Burgum).

Oh, and Nikki Quixote is still around, tilting at the windmills of trying to win the nomination. I can’t help but think that one day her name will be synonymous with dreaming the impossible dream. “The Man of La Mancha” will be given a woke update with a female lead…


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