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Look How Bill Gates Smiles When He Says “The Next Pandemic”

By Noah 


Get yourself a lady who smiles at you the way Bill Gates smiles when he thinks about “The Next Pandemic”.

Man, this guy is an ultra-creep!

You have to see this stunning clip where Bill Gates talks about the “Next Pandemic”, and you can just see the glee fill his eyes.


Check it out here:

Backup here:


Watch Bill Gates’ Reaction When Asked: “Is the Vaccine safe?”

Yes, this is a little older clip, but I just came across it again and it is stunning.

I’ve never seen anyone look more guilty.

The body language is off the charts…and the stumbling and rambling answer to what should be a very simple question.

Hey Bill, is the vaccine safe?

I’ll tell you what he didn’t say….” Yes”.

And I feel so bad for everyone who got the Moderna version.

Watch this:


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