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Loss of Finnish sovereignty: a NATO ground command will be created on Finnish territory, subordinate to the American center in Norfolk

By Top War


After Finland joined NATO, what was supposed to happen for this country happened. Functionaries of the North Atlantic military bloc announced the decision to create a command of NATO ground forces on Finnish territory. At the same time, the explanation for the “expediency” of this step for the military bloc is typical: “To counter possible Russian aggression against the background of the Finns’ understanding of the nature of the Russian threat.”

In this case, the command will be completely subordinate to the American command center in Norfolk (Joint Force Command Norfolk). The generals of other NATO countries in Northern Europe, including Denmark and Norway, are already subordinate to this center. In the near future, the Swedish generals will also be brought under American control.

At the same time, Finnish Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen is trying to demonstrate enthusiasm for the actual loss of Finnish military (and therefore political) sovereignty…


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  1. jane doe jane doe June 18, 2024

    The Jewmerican government needs to be removed.

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